Biu Lesono / Lesson Two

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mi:  I
yi:  you
hi:  he
xi:  she
li:  he or she
ji:  it

Remember, in Mondlango, the letter "j" is pronounced like the "j" in "jockey",
and the letter "x" is pronounced like the "sh" in "shop".

Verbs are normally introduced using the infinitive tense (to speak, to read).  In Mondlango this is the verb ending "-i"

parli:  to speak
legi:   to read
kanti:  to sing
skribi: to write

We have seen that the simple present tense of a verb ends in "-an"

Mi parlan.   I speak.
Yi legan.    You read.
Xi kantan.   She sings.
Hi skriban.  He writes.

When the first word of a question begins with the letter "k", it is not necessary to use the particle "cu".

kiu: who

Kiu parlan?   Mi parlan.
Kiu legan?    Yi legan.
Kiu skriban?  Hi skriban.

Xi manjan.    She eats.
Hi trinkan.   He drinks.

Kiu manjan?   Xi manjan.
Kiu trinkan?  Hi trinkan.

Cu la rozo esan bela floro?  Yes, ji esan bela floro. (rozo: rose)

kio: what

Kio esan elefanto?  Elefanto esan besto. (besto: animal)
Kio esan tablo?     Tablo esan meblo.    (meblo: furniture)
Kio esan kato?      Kato esan besto.     (kato: cat)
Kio esan tigro?     Tigro esan besto.    (tigro: tiger)
Kio esan Cino?      Cino esan lando.     (Cino: China   lando: country)
Kio esan rozo?      Rozo esan floro.

A suffix is a particle that is placed at the end of a word to make others with related meanings. Mondlango uses plenty of suffixes. So, from each word, you can form many others.

Suffix "-ul-" indicates male.
Suffix "-in-" indicates female.

In Mondlango we only use gender when talking about people or animals. And even then you don't need to. Notice that the root of each word is genderless.

misto:    gentleman or lady (mr/ms)
mistulo:  gentleman (mr)
mistino:  lady (ms)

frato:    sibling, brother or sister
fratulo:  brother
fratino:  sister

koko:     fowl/chicken
kokulo:   cock
kokino:   hen

stari:    to stand
sidi:     to sit

La mistulo staran.    The gentleman is standing.
La mistino sidan.     The lady is sitting.
La kokulo kantan.     The cock sings.
La kokino ne kantan.  The hen doesn't sing.

Cu la mistulo staran?  Yes, la mistulo staran.
Cu la mistino sidan?   Yes, la mistino sidan.
Cu la kokino kantan?   Ne, la kokino ne kantan. La kokulo kantan.