Mondlango is an international auxiliary language, or interlanguage and is used for communication between people from different nations who do not speak the same native language. An auxiliary language is a common second language and is not intended to replace national languages. For a full description of auxiliary languages see the Wikipedia Article.

There have been many attempts to create and promote auxiliary languages. Mondlango is, perhaps, the best of the bunch. Created in 2002 by He Yafu, it is based on Esperanto which was popular in the early 20th century. Esperanto was good but had a few serious problems. He Yafu and his team have addressed these issues brilliantly and brought to us a language that is simple, flexible and elegant.

There is a great deal of argument about whether or not the world needs an auxiliary language. This site has nothing to add to these arguments, which I'm sure will run and run. Mondlango is, quite simply, lots of fun and may one day be useful.

The lessons on this site are based on the course for English speakers that was originally available on the official Mondlango website (now defunct).

The material on this site is free from any copyright. You may copy, share and redistribute any of the text.