kio:    what?
tio:    that (thing)
ci tio: this (thing)
cio:    everything
nio:    nothing
io:     something

kiu:    who?
tiu:    that (person)
ci tiu: this (person)
ciu:    everyone
niu:    no one
iu:     someone

kius:    whose?
tius:    that person's
ci tius: this person's
cius     everybody's
nius:    nobody's
ius:     somebody's

Use kiu or kio

kie:    where?
tie:    there
ci tie: here
cie:    everywhere
nie:    nowhere
ie:     somewhere

kiel:    how?
tiel:    that way
ci tiel: this way
ciel:    every way
niel:    no way
iel:     some way

kial:   why?
tial:   therefor
cial:   for every reason
nial:   for no reason
ial:    for some reason

kiam:  when?
tiam:  then
ciam:  forever
niam:  never
iam:   sometime

kia:    what kind of?
tia:    that kind of
ci tia: this kind of
cia:    every kind of
nia:    no kind of
ia:     some kind of

kiom:   how much/many?
tiom:   that much
ciom:   everything (qty)
niom:   nothing (qty)
iom:    something (qty)

Some of these you would probably never use but are included here for completeness.